• Rhianne Coleman

Lockdown Learning

Since university closed and I had to move back to Swansea abruptly. I have tried to use this free time to learn skills that will benefit me within a future career.

I am currently finishing university with one module left, due to be handed in at the end of May.

I have listed what resources I have used during lockdown to improve my skills.

1. Linkedin Learning

My university luckily pays for Linkedin Learning, I have so far completed two courses: Negotiation and Excel spreadsheets. When I have been looking at buying careers, both of these skills come up in all job descriptions. Since I do not have buying experience (I had experience set up but due to lockdown was unable to complete it, this has been rearranged for after lockdown) I believed gaining some skills would make me more employable.

I enjoyed these courses and got certificates in both. I learned a variety of good tips and tricks which I believe will really help me within a buying career.

2. Find your intern

I signed up for this website after following them for a few months. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made, not only is it motivating seeing a bunch of creatives in the same position as me, working on their skills, it also gave me some great advice. Creating this portfolio was one of the main pieces of advice I took.

They hold zoom calls with industry professionals who talk about their own careers in the fashion industry, and programs that will make us stand out! I have found these so helpful as I want to become as employable as possible coming out of lockdown.

I can connect with other creatives and if we ever need to collaborate we can help each other out. It's a great community to be part of.

3. Shaw Academy

Shaw offered 4 weeks free of courses, I decided to practice my illustrator and marketing skills mainly. Illustrator is a good skill to have when creating logos or CAD designs, both of which I really enjoyed improving my skills on. Marketing on social media and digital was extremely interesting, and this could help if I go into different careers in the future as I will have gained experience in these.

The videos were weekly, and I didn't pay for a certificate, but the skills I gained were very helpful.

4. Blog writing

I have been practicing my blog writing by freelance writing for Hidden Fashion! This is a great way for me to improve my written skills and learn about wellbeing which I was talking about. Working for a company like Hidden Fashion could stand out to other companies as well to show I have used this time wisely.

My blog posts for Hidden are posted on the website but I am also posting them on here for you guys to read.

Thanks for reading about my time in lockdown,

if you are aware of anything else I could try out I would appreciate it



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